Acapulco Shore changed its edition to Mexico City. Then, they needed a new idea to communicate that the guys had arrived at their new location. That's why we thought of taking Acapulco to Mexico City, mixing the city's icons such as the tamales car, the old iron truck or the organ grinders with the characters from Acapulco Shore as if they were partying on the beach.

"Se compraaaan colchoooones..." 
It is a traditional song in Mexico City. Yes, you can confirm this if you live in the city or if you visit the city. That's why we created a new version to sing about our arrival in the big city, the "shore" version.

"Ya llegaron sus ricos y deliciosos tamales"
It's another traditional tamales cart song. In fact, this sounds on our video meetings all the time. 
So we created our new version to announce our arrival to Mexico City,
"The Organilleros"
They are a big symbol of Mexico City. You can confirm that if you walk through the center of the city.
So, we took this symbol to announce our arrival to Mexico City. We did it "shore" style.
Press & Media

Creative Director: Fran Casis

Senior Creative: Julio Alanis

Production Company: Caponeto

My role was like Senior Creative and Copywriter.
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