Created by Lovers Not Haters, reflects the inclusivity-centric philosophy the new expansion team is championing on and off the field. Most importantly, it celebrates the diversity and power of the collective in Greater San Diego, a diverse community that is joining forces with its new team to bring a wave of good, inclusion, and togetherness. Because as the end frame of our first anthem spot says in Spanglish, English/Chinese and English/Tagalog: Together Somos Greater.

We launched the TOGETHER SOMOS GREATER platform with a: 90 Anthem Spot that makes it clear our new San Diego team it’s here for something bigger than just winning.
In this video, the team lets 30k+ ex-Charger fans who were left without a team when the NFL team left the city that there’s a new team to love. “The team that will be passed on from generation to generation. Not from city to city”.
Mujeres Brewery 
This video celebrates the reciprocal support between the team and a local women-owned, latino-managed brewery in Barrio Logan And how they show up for each other.
Media & Press
Lovers Not Haters
Chief Creative Officer: Roberto Lastra
Managing Director: Constanza Peuriot
Head of Strategy: Alvaro Cabrera
Account Director: Lucy Aguilar
Art Directors: Eli Lastra / Julio Alanis
Copywriters: Laurenne Sala
Director: Paola Trulin
Producer: Ruben Fernandez

Postproduction Company: Salvaje
Editors: Jonathan Garnica/Alex Montes

My role was like Art Director.

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