The World Cup was approaching in 2022. DiDi was not a sponsor and no one imagined that Messi would lead Argentina to win the cup. Well, at the company we are looking for a way to talk about football, travel and food without necessarily saying the word World Cup.

So we think that when friends get together to watch the games, not everyone is there because they like football. Some are there because they love pizza. Tacos. Wings or burgers. Others go just because their crush is there. Or because someone will arrive with the drinks. Well, at DiDi we decided to celebrate them all in a regional master brand campaign: DiDi, is for everyone, even for those who are not so football fans.
DiDi Food - No Tan Fan
DiDi Rides - No Tan Fan
Master Graphics
Media & Press
DiDi Creative Studios SSL
Group Creative Director: Jorge Ortega & Victor Grigorow
Creative Managers: Óscar Sánchez, María Martínez Miguel Romano & Julio Alanís
Project Manager: Daniela Pacheco
Marketing team
VP Marketing Director:  Pablo Legarrea
Marketing Director: Andrés Felipe Lizarazo
Senior Brand Manager: Evelena Zamorano
Production Company 
El Living
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